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This travel blog is dedicated to those of us who are too young to retire and dream of a bigger, bolder and more beautiful reality than the one we are currently living.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that financial freedom really is a goal that everyone should have whether it's your plan A or B. 

Let's be real - have you ever heard of anyone in your family and friends circle say I am so looking forward to working past 65 ?

While we sit on our lunch breaks dreaming of either buying an rv and roaming the countryside or living in a foreign country for longer than the two weeks that our job allows us, we find ourselves a bit confused on how to take it further than that.

Both hubby and I love adventure. This pic here was taken in beautiful Costa Rica, nearly 5 years ago, after I had surgery due to breast cancer. I learned the hard way that life is too short not to live life to the fullest.

Confession Time

I LOVE Costa Rica. Within three years, I visited 8 times at two week intervals enjoying the best of what this beautiful country has to offer.

From adventure travel tours that brought out my adrenaline junkie side, vacation rentals that have amazing views and all inclusive resorts that made this traveler feel like a pampered princess! 

Be sure to check out Our Adventures to learn more about Costa Rica.

From Vacation Rentals To Living Full Time In A RV... 

This is what our dreams are made of.

This is what our dreams and reality is made of. We love the best of luxury and adventure travel.

As empty nesters, we want to experience life like we've haven't before. Recently, we just bought a new to us RV ( Thoreau Class C Chateau) that we took for three weeks as a trial run with two chihuahuas and a cat.

Yep, you read that right. 

We loved it!! Now we are waiting for Spring to do some renovations on it before we hit the road full time.

Our first major trip I want to do is to drive the Pan American Highway that goes through Canada to Alaska, down the beautiful west coastline through Mexico to Costa Rica, Belize & Panama.

On the other hand, hubby's travel dream is to hike national parks here in the U.S. and see places that he has either read about or watched on some documentary. 

So if you want to find out who wins this argument or as any married couple after 25 years would do negotiate a really good compromise, be sure to check us out on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

On our ever growing bucket list, is also to travel to England, Ireland & Italy as well as France.

I fell in love with Paris over two years ago when I went on a girl getaway with my bestie.

While drinking champaign at the top of the Eiffel tower was an experience to be had, there was a part of this girl that wanted her man there to enjoy it as well.

More Than Just A Travel Blog

After a summer of staying with my elderly mom for a month who had knee surgery in Oregon I got a quick reminder that I really needed to restructure the way I ran my online businesses that was more geared to passive income.

I also learned that I really needed to take better care of my body if I wanted to live an active lifestyle that I craved.

Two weeks later, I got a swift reminder of how putting our dreams of travel on the back burner could no longer stay a dream. 

My aunt died after two weeks of realizing her dream of living near her kids and grandkids due to complications from cancer.

It really put into perspective for me that things had to change. For my hubby, it was one that made him send an email to me asking if I was ready to "rip the bandaid" off by just taking a giant leap of faith into the unknown to make our dreams a reality. 


We made our plans and now we are experiencing the biggest adventure of our life.

Whether we are flying to foreign countries to experience the world or moving from a 2200 square foot house into a 220 tiny house on wheels, we want to share & inspire others to live their travel dreams.

As a successful business  & life coach, I want to take it a step further and share the exact blueprint of what we are doing to make it all happen. 

Learn how to replacing the negative thoughts that put doubt into our minds that we "can't" leave our jobs that has become a chore to even get to on time to create a business we " LOVE " that makes us fulfilled and happy almost every day.

Join us on our journey of letting go of our stuff, what simplifying means to us and how we are becoming more mindful in every area of our life whether it is our health, relationships, business or money.

As we share our journey we will sprinkle lot's of simple travel tips that will make your destination no matter where you want to go a heck of lot easier.