Would You Live In A Tiny House
To Realize Your Travel Dreams?

If someone said five years ago I would be living in a tiny house (aka: 220 square foot rv) with hubby, two dogs and a cat, I would not have believed you.

Yet, that is what we are doing. Selling almost everything out of our 2,200 square foot home to start our biggest adventure living tiny.

Welcome To Our Tiny House Adventures

In a world of constant change, it might seem impossible to truly create a happy life that allows you to live boldly, laugh often and love deeply.

But that is exactly what we are on a mission to do.

We are Joe & Jana (aka: Wildly Bold)

Our mission is to create a healthier work/life balance that gives us the ability to spend more quality time with each other by moving into a tiny house.

For years, we have ignored the tug that kept nudging us both to a simpler life.

The pull became stronger after facing an aggressive form of cancer but it's hard to honor the call when you have bills to pay.

Finally, this past year after an unexpected death of a loved one, hubby wrote the email that said "Ready to rip the band aid off ?

I quickly replied YES!

It had come to the point that we both were not willing to wait until retirement to take control of our happiness.

So like any normal person would do, we decided to move from a 2,200 square foot home to a 220 square foot RV.

Creating A Life We Love

For some, getting rid a life of things can be easy. For me, it's a mixed bag of emotions.

While we are keeping a storage area, we are determined not to put anything in it that we don't absolutely love.

And we are keeping that concept within our house as well. Trying to determine the difference from I really like this to I love this can be a blurred line.

I think that struck me was as we go through this house how many duplicates of things that I had and owning things I didn't even know I had.

I mean who really needs 4 tripods?

It's More Than Downsizing

It's about creating a life that gives us the freedom to be us.

We wanted to live a life that interweaved all aspects of our life into one wildly bold life.

It struck me as decisions were being made to push forward in this direction that as a successful business coach that teaches clients to think outside the box, it would be very easy to integrate my life and business well.

Focus from general business coaching to specifically teaching how to create a mobile business that gives you the confidence to travel the world.

There can be "stuff" that keeps us from moving forward to take a risk. It can be thoughts, attachments and fear. 

Sometimes we need a little push to help us outside of those elements and be shown a clear path.

Introducing The Incubator

Many coaches out there teach but I have yet to see life changes they are making based upon the advice they are giving.

I came up with the idea of sharing what is really happening in real time. The good, the bad and the ugly.

So that you can actually see the practices I personally teach work.

How much fun is that??

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We Hope You Will Join Us On Our Adventure

And get inspired to live your version of what a wildly bold life looks like to you!!